Scott + Patrick

1 Vegetarian + 1 Carnivore

The Boyfriend Cookbook is an online recipe collection celebrating both lifestyles (and, well, us). Cooking together has been an adventure from the start, and this is a natural by-product of our culinary adventures together.

Here’s some stuff from Patrick.

I started teetering toward being vegetarian in 2008 during my freshman year of college at Belmont in Nashville, TN. Nashville is an easy city to begin a meat-free journey, so I was pretty lucky from the start. All cities are easy now, but it definitely made an impact on me at the time. I fully jumped ship in probably 2011? I forget.

I need you to know that being a vegetarian and quasi-vegan is so much easier than the internet makes it out to believe. Yes, I still get enough protein. No, I don’t miss eating meat. And yes, it’s possible to be in a relationship with a carnivore without cooking separate meals every day. Patrick and I have literally never made separate meals. Sure, we cook separate “meats” most of the time, but okay?

There are a million reasons why I don’t eat meat and why I’m constantly weaning off of animal products in general, but that’s not why I’m here. I’m here for your support and to help along your journey. I’m from a small town in Tennessee where most people just simply don’t understand this ‘lifestyle,’ so I get it. I’m here to show you, like I do with them, that sustaining a meat-free diet is flavorful, colorful, and ever-changing.


FYI: Scott didn’t tell Patrick about his full-fledged vegetarianism until the server asked for their orders on their first date. Way to make things awkward, Scott.

We’re just, you know, trying things out and seeing what happens.